Sir Peter Blake, World Tour Full Set

Sir Peter Blake, World Tour Full Se

Sir Peter Blake, World Tour Full Set

Atelier Rose & Gray are delighted to present the World Tour series by Sir Peter Blake. World Tour is a series of 10 original limited edition silkscreen prints of cities around the world including Paris, Chicago, Cannes, London and Nice.

These artworks continue Blake’s fascination with the surreal and comedic opportunities that the use of collage presents. This is a theme that he has developed through his recent Classroom Suite and Paris Quartet, here Blake takes a more sophisticated and subtle approach; leaving the viewer to make the connections that he hints at in the compositions, both within individual pieces and across the series as a whole.

The series comprises: World Tour- Paris Parade, World Tour- Cannes Statuary, World Tour- Chicago Boating, World Tour- London Multi-Ethnic Crowd, World Tour- London Regatta I, World Tour- London Regatta II, World Tour- Nice Promenade, World Tour- Paris Dancing, World Tour- Paris Duel Giant Pig, World Tour- Paris Mugging.

Edition of 100. Printed on 410gsm Somerset Tub sized paper. 24 colours, with a gloss glaze.

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