Letterpress, Like A Rolling Stone

Letterpress, Like A Rolling Stone

Letterpress, Like A Rolling Stone

This collection of prints takes as it’s inspiration three of the greatest songs of not just the 1960’s, but of the entire history of modern music, namely Bob Dylan’s ‘Like A Rolling Stone’, ‘All You Need Is Love’ by The Beatles and (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction by the Rolling Stones. The lyrics of each song have been ‘distilled’ to create a unique and original artwork.

Each design is A3 in size and limited to an edition of 500 prints, each print individually number stamped.

The artworks are created using the concepts of word clouds, but also cut-up techniques pioneered by the surrealists that have been used to great effect by the likes of William Burroughs and David Bowie. Through this process, the lyrics of a song are ‘distilled’ into it’s essential elements, creating new relationships and meanings between the words.

The prints are made using a vintage Heidelberg Cylinder Letterpress, onto 100% recycled 270gsm board. The strong colours and deep impression of the type into the paper are unique characteristics of this traditional process.
£ 40 Unframed, £75 Framed

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